Lowcountry. High Values. 

Please Help Our Campaign With A Few Easy Steps Below

  • Please lead 3 people besides yourself to the polls on June 9th. 
  • Please Vote early through absentee ballot or absentee walk-in. You can walk into your local election office and vote early in person.  Avoid long lines on June 9th because of COVID-19 protections that will be in place.
Link to Beaufort County Election office locations https://www.beaufortcountysc.gov/vote/index.html 

Link to Charleston County Election office locations https://vote.charlestoncounty.org

Link to Berkeley County Election office locations https://berkeleycountysc.gov/dept/elections/

Link to Dorchester County Election office locations https://www.dorchestercountysc.gov/government/administrative-services/election-commission/june-2020-primaries

Link to Colleton County Election office locations https://www.colletoncounty.org/voters-registration

  • Please copy and paste the following post on your Facebook page. I am voting on June 9th  for Brad Mole to represent our families as our next Congressman. Will You?
  • Please, Please, Please let's CELEBRATE YOUR VOTE! Text "I voted" to 843-368-4689 or email [email protected] You can also leave your information on our Contact page.  I really want to stay connected to you and your family. I need your contact information to see how ya'll are doing through the years.